Virtuoso Life, July/August '17

Two days, nine appointments. Lots of checking my pocket to make sure I didn't leave my car keys in the car. Lots of hasty exits from said vehicle, tripod in one arm, camera cradled in the other. Lots of introductions, lots of good-byes. Lots of quick snaps, lots of considered snaps. Lots of access to people and places I ordinarily wouldn't have access to. Lots of beautifully-assembled food. And of course, lots of wine. 

And just like that, my time in Napa was over, job concluded, shoot for Virtuoso Life magazine wrapped. It was a fruitful time, and now the story is out! First page below; read the rest online!


Conde Nast Traveler, June/July '17

If I could, I would eat jamon iberico every single day. The Spanish sure seem to eat a lot of it - back in March when I visited Seville, whole legs of the ham hung everywhere. Pungent, meaty, and fatty, it went extremely well with an ice cold beer. Or, in the case of the Mercer Sevilla, a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of the city, it could be eaten for breakfast. 

I shot this photo in one of the rooms of the hotel, attended by the wonderful staff who pretty much left me alone except to bring refills of coffee. It was a memorable morning. Thanks all for a swell time! 

WSJ, Off Duty Weekend of 6/3-6/4

This was an assignment where I got to shoot then eat the most delicious Spanish tortilla (much to my surprise! I'm not fond of potatoes), drink smoky oolong tea, giggle at a gaggle of the cutest Japanese tourists, and order people around. In other words, my kind of shoot. 

Thank you Elena and Federico for accommodating me! Thank you Allison for the assignment!

The New York Times

Being on assignment for the New York Times is the perfect psychological buttress for helping me overcome my fear of taking photos of strangers. It makes me feel like I'm wearing an all-access badge; all who I flash it to instantly part ways for me. This belief is nothing more than a psychological ploy, of course, but it's helped a lot. In fact, I'm slowly coming to realize, most people are completely unaware when I'm shooting photos of them—and even in those cases where they catch on, a simple smile dispels any of the weirdness. 

All of that is to say, I had a really fun time shooting these photos for Pete Wells's restaurant review of Atoboy. And fortunately, the review was a positive one. Congraulations Chef Junghyun Park and staff!