I've been collaborating with HelloFresh for awhile now. I've especially loved shooting their Fresh Life insert that comes monthly with every order. 

Here's the latest, due to hit meal plans the week before Thanksgiving. It's huge, by the way, and is folded into eighths, so that you only see the full photo when you open it up to its 22x17" glory. 


Food styling: Monica Pierini
Prop styling: Stephanie Yeh

The previous edition below.


Food styling: Monica Pierini
Prop styling: Andrea Greco

Yumble Kids

I served a stint as an SAT tutor back in the day, as well as a Kumon instructor, an afterschool daycare teacher, and a cashier at the Sanrio store in Southland Mall, Hayward. I know kids. And I love them! They're so funny and smart, recalling for us adult humans the world of play, carefreeness, and unselfconscious enthusiasm we applied to everything when we were their ages. So why has it taken so long for me to photograph them?! Good question. 

Yumble is the kids' version of Blue Apron, a site where overtaxed parents can order delicious healthy meals for their kids to enjoy and have everything show up on their doorsteps, ready to go. I am not yet a parent and I love to cook, but I imagine there will be a time when I too will be tempted by this company's proposition. 

I love their branding, by the way. It's so colorful and FUN! Some photos from recent shoots below.


T Magazine, September 10, 2017

Back in July, Carter Love at T: The New York Times Style Magazine contacted me and asked if I wanted to drive up to Sullivan County, NY, to shoot their upcoming Wanderlust column. Does one say no to T Magazine?!

The results, below. Check out the actual story here


Callicoon Farmer's Market plums; Sunny Ruffalo in her shop, Sunny's Callicoon Pop


The bar at The Kaatskeller in Livingston Manor; MayerWasner, a boutique in Narrowsburg


The Delaware River; local flowers on display at The Debruce



The Kaatskeller, a new pizza restaurant in Livingston Manor

Food Network Magazine - September '17

Better late than never. Shot the kids insert that comes stapled in the September issue of Food Network Magazine. Kind of cool seeing one of the photos get the cover treatment. 


And one of the stories featured within, below. PS - am I a kid? I love waffles for dinner.