Amangiri, part uno

Chris and I traveled to southern Utah a couple weeks ago. The trip was great, of course, since I got to spend the whole week with my honey bunny, including our third anniversary! Sa-weet! (Actually, I suspect anyone you spend a whole week with, even if he or she's your dearest, will get annoying after awhile. But shh, that's not the narrative I'm telling here.)  

Most of the trip was rough terrain, all national parks and Grand Staircase National Monument (which we unwittingly drove through — don't be misled by Cottonwood Canyon Road from Bryce Canyon to Lake Powell; there's a reason Google Maps estimated the route double the distance would take the same amount of time!). In our little Nissan Whatever (or whatever), we bumped and lurched across the entire state of Utah. 

But one of our stops was most definitely not like the others. We stayed a night at a resort near Lake Powell called Amangiri, which, all I can say, is world-class! Actually, there's a lot to say, and I'd have trouble distilling that segment of the trip into a single blog post, so I thought I'd kick it off by sharing with you why I was there. The ostensible reason WHY I was there was to shoot some dining-related photos for them. See below. 

The awe-inspiring natural environment of Amangiri is evident in these photos, no? But the food! Such poetry as well. A few plates, all courtesy of Chef Jacob Anaya, below below below below (as in, at the very bottom of the post). 

Chef Jacob

Chef Jacob