Happy holidays!

I started up pottery again this year and found myself gravitating towards bowls. I can't get enough of the shape. It's exhilarating, the way the rim flares further and further out with each subsequent pull. And glazing, the most magical of processes! It's also the bane of my bowl-making existence. But when a piece comes out right, when the pottery gods finally grant me a piece that mottles and gleams just to my liking, I renew my conviction to become a better potter. 

The wintry bowls below are going to be Christmas gifts. They're some of my very favorites, and I'm happy to be giving them away to the people I love. I wanted to shoot a group shot of them all together before they disperse, never to be in the same place again. I'm loving the swirly background, which brings out all the different glazes. 

Here's to a peaceful and joyful holiday season. And best wishes for the new year! xx