Yumble Kids

I served a stint as an SAT tutor back in the day, as well as a Kumon instructor, an afterschool daycare teacher, and a cashier at the Sanrio store in Southland Mall, Hayward. I know kids. And I love them! They're so funny and smart, recalling for us adult humans the world of play, carefreeness, and unselfconscious enthusiasm we applied to everything when we were their ages. So why has it taken so long for me to photograph them?! Good question. 

Yumble is the kids' version of Blue Apron, a site where overtaxed parents can order delicious healthy meals for their kids to enjoy and have everything show up on their doorsteps, ready to go. I am not yet a parent and I love to cook, but I imagine there will be a time when I too will be tempted by this company's proposition. 

I love their branding, by the way. It's so colorful and FUN! Some photos from recent shoots below.